Feelings Can Change Your Life!!!

Life is an Mixture of Good and Bad Feelings .The basic thing that we have to know as a Humanbeing is how we feel and how we react to a Situation.Because the Law of the Universe and the whole Life structure does depend on the feelings and thoughts of an Individual.

How can feelings change your Life? Take my Situation I Used to get petrified when I used to do Mathematics.I used to Fail in Maths everytime when I had given up an Exam.Until today I was not Comfortable with Maths.What made me be Like this? that’s the feeling that I can never Conquer maths made me Fragile.Even today if I look into Caliculus I feel something in my Stomach.So I came to Know a Simple Secret behind this when you see a Person,Thing,Product or Anything in this World the First Impression comes from your Feelings.Because our thoughts Cause our feelings that’s True.Never in this world u can think bad about a thing or a Circumstance and Feel good about It.

    For every feeling there is an Universal Rule and the Rule is “I am thinking good about this”.There are many situations even if you think good they may fail.It doesn’t mean that what makes you feel good is always a Success,the thing here is Feeling good brings you positiveness,Feeling good brings you energy,Feeling good creates a future that you can play,feeling good vibrates a frequency that brings more thoughts.When you are feeling good you are attracting more things and more people to you.

 I used to Fail in many things that I had attempted in my life.I had gone through many turmoils that life had shown.I had been in a Positive mind whole my Journey until today.I felt that oneday that things are going to be Positive.Today I am enjoying a beautiful life with my Loving wife and that’s beacuse once during the difficult phase of life I thought that one day the sweetest thing is going to come my way.

Life is a Chain Reaction,we don’t know the Vicious Circle. When One thing goes wrong  everything tends to go wrong and we are locked in the bad phases of life.Then your feelings towards life tend to change and your thoughts tend to attract wrong things.Focus on an Event that you want to do.Lift that Event with a feeling.You may not succeed the first or second or third time but eventually you will lift that up and elivate into brighter event in your life. Don’t live in the past. There’s nothing in the past that you can change or correct — that can only be done in the present. Present is the Only thing that we need to change, and move on to feeling good about your life. Don’t waste your time complaining where you go, what you enjoy,how you dress, what you do, what you think about.Be willing to stand up for what’s right for you.
Shift the thoughts to good things.Because when you start to attract good feelings that is the way that change your frequency.The universe will get a hold of you and It starts sending the Positive Vibrations into your life .Life had thought us many things and we are in the phase of discovering it.Until our last breath in this Universe we keep on discovering things.As I heard somewhere “Known is drop and Unknown is an Ocean”.Until now we thought that thinking is hard and life had not given us good things to lead.But the easy way to say is everything had been so easy and life is cool and so good to me and life had given me everything…revitalize every moment and just say it to yourself and see the change once you start to say these.There is truth and answer inside us.The life had given many good things and we deserve all that good.Beacause you are the Creator of yourself no one can Create you.