Trip to Alleppey Back Water’s on House Boat

Alleppey named “Alappuzha” is Certainly the ‘Venice of the East’  but    this  little town is certainly the Venice of India. Nowhere else will you find, spread out across the center of town, a unique crisscrossing network of canals on which thatched country boats punt along leisurely.

We had reached Alleppey at 1.00pm in the afternoon and Our House boat was booked from 1.00pm to 12.00pm the Next day.We were 10 people and we had booked a 3 bedroom boat which is Awesome.We all had a Blast up there inside the Boat.The boat would be parked in mid of the Back waters the Whole night and we had an Awesome Experience.

We had been serverd with good food for lunch on the Boat.After a Heavy Lunch we had been taken Into a Ride into backwaters.

 All foods are provided by the houseboat. Starting from welcome drink as tender coconut to Traditional Kerala Cousine with fish fry as lunch. Snacks in the evening and a beautiful dinner in the mid of the lake. (with rice,roti, chicken and others).

 The Great way to Relax and Great way to have an Enthusiastic Experience.

 We played cards and we had good time having a Chilled Beer up there on the Boat.

At  backwater and the scenic natural beauty we enjoyed the astounding beauty, hard to find anywhere else in the world. In addition we had chance to see  the harmonious mix of traditional and the modern splendor well furnished with contemporary facilities like deluxe A/C rooms with attach bath, open sit out area to enjoy the splendor of the surrounding and many alike that make the houseboat tour more enjoyable and experince of lifetime.





The four river estuaries and the labyrinthine canals, amidst the  emerald green tropical vegetation and exotic fauna. Birds, fishes,   animals, butterflies, flowers, paddy fields, waterlilies, and a lot more add to the charm and magic of the backwaters, all of which can be seen on a cruise voyage through the tranquil water-scape.I had taken a Houseboat for a Ride in mid of the Backwater’s  and had an thrilling Experience.I rode the boat for 15 minutes.It is one of the very few places in the world where farming is done below sea level. This is an striking example of the indigenous agricultural engineering . Here cultivation and habitation are made possible at four to ten feet below the sea level.  For this purpose extensive land has been reclaimed from the backwaters and is protected by dikes built around it.

   I Heard that in months of August and September the glorious backwaters overflows. Hundreds of men and women gather on the banks to witness a spectacular view especially, the Snake Boat Races. The most famous event of boat race is the “Nehru Trophy Boat Race”. It is held on the second saturday of every August. There are a dozen other snake boat races, providing an unforgettable and truly special scene. The fund of energy, spirit of competition and unerring co-ordination makes this sport extremely dynamic.



   I recommend everyone who would like to Tour and Visit Places and go for a Honeymoon to definitely visit Alleppy.You can have a Great experience and you can enjoy a lot and can have a memorable life time Experience.


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