Be confident in whatever circumstances you are in..

Be confident of you and be highly dependent on how you feel about yourself.Everyday is a Challenge. Instead if you approach your day as a new challenge that you are ready and prepared to take on. Obviously not all people feel good all the time so when you are feeling low deal with it before a situation arises.

Every situation is in our hands and Deal it positively.Focus on the importance of the situation.I had been in those situations before where i used to feel low and my day used to be calm and routine.I too had gone through the situations where i used to feel this is Useless and I am useless….But the next minute I used to electrify myself saying that I am better than more people in this world.

Self consciousness can be the greatest detriment confidence.  Self consciousness is the little voice inside which questions how beautiful, motivated and equipped you are to tackle each day. Stop self conscious talk before it begins, choose from the start of the day how you will feel and stick to it. Learning to be positive when no-one else can cope is best way to gain the confidence.Trust your self. Breathe and say yourself that you can do anything.

Criticism  is important for the sake of your confidence . When the words of others are unhelpful and hurtful this is abuse and is not to be tolerated. Remove yourself from people who cannot offer helpful useful criticisms.

 It is important when in a difficult situation that you have a back up plan. Have a second plan for everything every situation In life.When you take a Decision make sure that you take it Confidently.May that fail that would be Other part of life.Taking decisions confidently will win you situations.

“Play game to Win…If you lose don’t worry …Play the next game to Win…..Surely one day you will win when you play to Win”