Best successes come after their disappointments(Howard Ward Beecher)!!!!

I really believe in this Quote by Beecher….Yes we have to fail to become successful.Your brain is like an Iron it should get hot,so until something doesn’t strike it our brain doesn’t get heated up.So failures are like the fire which heats up our brain.when our brain becomes an heated ore then it starts about success.

For me success is like a heated fire,until you face the real world of failures you can’t survive in this world.Fail and fail until you get succeed.Immediate success and Immediate fame are dangerous.One should get into the path of success or fame through the steps of failure.Then the steps of success would be in the head of the successful humanbeing.we have to find the value in failure.we have to learn from the failures.we have to define that failures are the stepping stones for success.Best people learn from their mistakes.

 Thomas Edison, you will know what it takes to be successful. Thomas Edison,  failed more than 10,000 times just to find out the right material for light emission.And do u know Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), get rejected for selling his recipe more than 1,000 times before he finally got “YES”.

 In the greater scope of achieving life goals, the fear of failure is an enormous hurdle for most people to jump.  The truth is failure cannot be avoided forever.  Those who attempt to flee from it their entire lives almost certainly miss great opportunities and even greater rewards.

 We sometimes overanalyze and think too much about the failures in life.  What you have to remember is that there is still a lot of livin’ to do and each second wishing and wondering about things happening differently, is a second wasted.  Try to remember that even though you’ve experienced a setback, there are still many more opportunities ahead even if you do not see them right away.

Getting up and getting back out there is the only real way to live.  Some of the most successful people in the world had done that,they lived life by building the failure steps and bringing them to get up you may be the one who would be one of the most successful person…!!!


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