Live for Nothing Die for Something

As my analysis in these years i had Categorized people in 3 ways, One is People who analyse  their Future and Dare themselves in their life  the other category of people is who analyse their future and never Dare in life and the third Category is who never analyse their future.People who had analyzed their future and dared themselves had been the leaders and acheivers.                                                         


We have to live with some purpose in life .Life is a human existance with different theories,different assumptions and different perceptions.Many people don’t analyse themselves and think they are going in a wrong way of life,When they realize there is nothing left to do for them in this world.Fate is already determined every human lives only for 60yrs.What ever you are we have to fight for something in life,Change the way of thinking think that you are something to this world and you are born to do something in life.

We may die at any point of time and we are  not certain in this world.Every day is a game in life and every point is an adventure.Think something in your mind act as if you can acheive that and grind that in your mind,think that of day and night you can rock this world.Aim as if you can drink the whole water in river as swami vivekananda told think that your nerves are made of steel,you can grind down a mountain before you.

There are many people who are around you who Hates you ..Love you..Play with you..Exceed you..Take you..Save you and Break you..But that’s what that makes you.You have to definitely think that “I CAN BECOME SOMETHING”.There is no such man as rich and poor.Change the mindset,be a warrior in life.Life is a game play it you can enjoy a lot.People around the world may be the Poor ,Rich ,Emperor,King ,President or Dictator every one do have their problems and every human is sorrounded with different problems around his head.Think that you can be something and you can do something(This is the secret of most successful people).

Living without some aim is a Crime.Which ever field you choose strive for excellence and be inspirational.What ever you do you have to be the trendsetter and you have to live as you are definitely looking at doing something in life.What ever good you do It helps people around you and a page would be open for you in the History.