Being Positive

This earth is enjoyed by hero’s this is an Unfailing truth….say that i am hero ,say this to Everyone..Fear is death,Fear is sin,Fear is Wrong life,Fear is Unrighteousness,Fear is hell…So get the Fear out of your life and become a hero..These words were said by great Swami Vivekananda.The moment we fear in life we would be in a position that we won’t be able to move a bit in life.Fear would be the basic point in life that pulls a human from the Ladder.


The first wod we have to eliminate from the life is I Can’t …there are many things in this world that are really not possible but we have to try for that and think i can do that..may be u would be failing each and every time you try..but it gives you atmost confidence when you start trying.Just say for youself  “I CAN” see the change in the way you see the life.The person who believes he can achieve anything, become whomever he wants.

        ” Research shows that optimistic people tend to make more money than miserable ones”.

I would add up a site  to look into real life stories of People who had gone into distress of life and had picked up and had become one of the Best in life.There will be many situtaions that can pull us down.I had been watching a TV Program in a Regional channel where the Program is Designed for Blind people who can sing they doesn’t have  eyes to see this world.Their Confidence is so high in the event they sing as if they are people who can acheive anything.God won’t help every one with open arms there will be so many phases in life for rich or poor to establish themselves as mature humanbeings.Everyone has to face struggles in life to become some one.Nothing in life is bread and butter.To get Gold out of Ore u have to heat it and beat it.That implies with human’s how many struggles you face you become matured and confident.The real spirit of life depends on these struggling period,we have to be positive in this struggling period.There are two level of people in the world who demolishes their life when they struggle and people who build ladders when they struggle.

The power of positive thinking is like a car with a powerful engine that can take you to the summit of a mountain.Do not let circumstances influence your thoughts and moods.Train your mind to think in terms of ‘possible’ and ‘can be done’.You can close the windows and darken your room, and you can open the windows and let light in. It is a matter of choice. Your mind is your room. Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?.Every thing in the life starts with a single step of being positiveness and having hope. Think positive and negative are directions which dirction will you be choosing.A small step a single step of positiveness will change you and your way of thinking.

so have positiveness in life ….Life is small and life is so beautiful be positive and when you wake up in the morning just clap your hands for your self and say to yourself that i am positive and i can do any thing in this world.Do it everyday and you can find difference in yourself after a week.You can feel the positiveness with in yourself.


Why Life is Important

There are many News Nowadays through Electronic media or through the Newspapers saying many People were Commiting Sucide due to Pressure. It had been so astonishing looking into the news.There would have been so many pressures in Life external or Internal……Failing up in the Examinations ,Love failure,Medical ailments,Financial Crisis,Relationship troubles..many things in Life,in which as a human being we would not be able to solve.But Life is a God’s gift..Until you die you have to live.

According to many Doctors Sucidal thoughts are Involuntary they just enter on their own and they enter deep into the mind.Prolonged life circumstances of extreme stress, emotional upset, abuse, poverty, terrible living conditions, neglect, poor health, injury, disability – especially with no apparent hope of change or improvement can and do precipitate depression and suicidal thoughts for some.

I heard this great story from one of my friends he said me  In a forest there is a Deer and A Lion .The deer should  run in its life because if it sits Idle it would be food for Lion and it would die.Lion has to run in its life beacuse if it sits idle it starvs to death without food.The proverb of this is If u are a deer or Lion you have to run if not u have to starve to death.It was such a good example where this  implies to all the human beings ….who ever you are you have to run in life.The pressure exists in this world for every human.In every aspect of life u have to run.But that’s not the pressure its thrill of life.I would rather suggest to be patient and be calm if any one does have a big calamity in life.

As a human being every one faces a calamity at any stage of life.May it be through financial barriers or through Relationship barriers or through Health related barriers….Be calm be cool just think for a day.All is well and all will be well.Be an optimist there had been a saying “The Tides and the Winds will always be on the side of Best Navigator”.

Be the best navigator in life … is so important  There are lots of beautiful things around us. It’s just a matter of how we see it and whether we’re able to realize it. In life, of course there are always some ups and downs. However, I believe, that even in the most difficult situation, there’s always a beautiful thing.. As wise people say, “Everything happens for a reason”. I would narrate a small story which had Inspired many people…… There had been a guy who was depressed by his happenings around him he was so poor and he was an Orphan, and he thought of Committing sucide.He went on to a bridge and prayed to God asking to give him a Richest birth in his Next life.After praying for 5 minutes he just thought with in Him self ..”Yes i am asking god to give me the richest life in the next Birth and How did people Become rich in this Birth”???  This was the Question arised in his mind and he immediately got down the Bridge ,He met most successful people in the town and he made their experiences as a Book and Printed it to the public.  With in 6 months the Book was so popular he became one of the richest guy in the town.

So everything depends on state of mind how positively you think..nothing happens if some calamity is around you be calm be patient.One wrong step can ruin a life.Everything is fine if u fail in an exam no problem you have much career to get.If u fail in love no problem you have many more relationships to Conquer.If u have financial crisis no problem may be tommorow is yours.If you have health related issues no problem there will be a very gud medicine for you which may be Invented by someone….Hope is the thing which makes everything…….Hope is the thing which runs the Universe.So be positive and be Optimistic…….”Impossible is Nothing” in life.

Child Labour

I had been to a Canteen recently to a Tea  shop ..where its astonishing to see more than 3 Kids below the age of 15 working as Suppliers of Chai.I observed them keenly and they were really amused by seeing people who were well dressed . I can purely say these kids future Life had been cut off in the Early stages of their Bloosomness.

I used to train a kid when i was at the age of 22.She is a small girl of 5 years and i used to teach her Alphabets and Numbers.Her Father and Mother used to go for a Daily labour and this kid used to stay in our house.As those were my Last semester of Engineering days , i used to teach her for an hour.She is a Girl of Extreme Brilliance.She used to say all the alphabets and she used to say all the Tables after reading Once from the Book.After that they had left the House taking the Girl away and after 3 years when i met the Father of the Girl recently he said me that they had Put her as a daily labour in a Small scale Industry.

These are some incidents that make us so Thoughtful ,may be the Girl would have Come out of Flying Colours after 15years after her studies.I had narrated this because ,we can see the same situation happening to people who doesn’t have Money or who leads their life on Daily labour.

There were so many Committies and recommendations by many people on Prohibition of Child labour.I would take an example of a Flower grown in Hazardous enviorment and a Flower grown in a Healthy enviorment.The children are the same if u expose them to hazardous enviorment these small kids would be useful for nothing.They become restless they become attracted towards money ..easy money which will lead them as anti social elements.

Elimination of child labour is the single largest programme in this Ministry’s activities. Apart from a major increase in the number of districts covered under the scheme, the priority of the Government in this direction is evident in the quantum jump in budget during the 10th Plan. Government has allocated Rs. 600 crores for the Scheme during the 10th Plan, as against an expenditure of Rs. 178 crores in the 9th Plan. The resources set aside for combating this evil in the Ministry is around 50 per cent of its total annual budget.  

Poverty and lack of education are the two primary reasons for the every-growing social malice of child labour. Parents in the poverty zone of society give birth to money-making machines, and not children. They carry infants to earn more on the streets from begging. Then as they grow they make them beggars, and eventually sell them to employers. These employers form as a mafia and sell these kids to Beggars if they are Boys and sell girls to do Prostitution.According to survey more than 55 million kids are working as child labour across our nation.

The main thing i want to say is we have to know the root cause of this..Govt has to know the root cause of this.What i write or what i think is not Important here..There are many big heads sitting up there in Comfortable positions.I would like any one head to take up the Initiative to save the Kids..The future of any Nation starts from Kids beacuse these are the people who grow big and do big.To be a big nation ,think big from now and save the Kids.

Global warming and Plantation of Trees

I had been a Great admirer of people who Plant a small tree.In my childhood days i had never planted a tree.My mother is a great Fan of green plantation..we used to have small garden in front of our house where i used to enjoy a lot in My childhood days.

I now Repent on not planting a small tree in my childhood days and even i repent on being in an Environment where i can feel the Consequences of Global warming.I am saying this because the Heat had Increased in such a way that the Older people and Small kids are unable to take the Heat in the Summer.

Why did the Environment Change like this? what happened to the Greenery? what happened to those days when we were kids and when we used to enjoy the Environment in the Villages?

Global warming is  caused  by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation.An increase in global temperature will cause sea levels to rise and will change the amount and pattern of precipitation, probably including expansion of deserts.The release of gases like Carbobdioxide,Nitrous oxide,methane increases the level of Global warming along the world and the region.

Everything the human needs depended on Global warming the production of large scale of electricity and production of mechanical things,Burning of gasolines all are the major players of Greenhouse effect.These are daily uses of present human being without electricity or without a vehicle it had become impossible task for a humanbeing to live.The effect of global warming is increasing the average temperature of the earth. A rise in earth’s temperatures can in turn root to other alterations in the ecology, including an increasing sea level and modifying the quantity and pattern of rainfall. These modifications may boost the occurrence and concentration of severe climate events, such as floods, famines, heat waves, tornados, and twisters. Other consequences may comprise of higher or lower agricultural outputs, glacier melting, lesser summer stream flows, genus extinctions and rise in the ranges of disease vectors.

So we are feeling the present Global warming effect so i would like to take Initiative to plant a small tree.At least these doesn’t stop immediately the Consequence of Global warming but it definitely will be the first step from all of us to be the part of Greenery.Think sleeping in a apartment or a house filled up with Greenery…..Lets leave an peaceful life at least everyone has to leave this planet after 70…lets make atleast 10% of Good to the Future generation….