The whole world depends or depended upon the leadership ideas or leadership Qualities which had been taken by the best individuals who had survived with great enthusiasm and great optimisim.

leader or leadership should have a strong personality or strong behavioral identity.They do have strong positive or optimistic behavior which lead or gain the situation  according to their circumstances.Leader should have a strong authoritative and amicable behavior that converts an difficult situation into  an even situation.

According to the survey conducted by Trait the leadership mainly depended upon.

intelligence  : how best he uses his resources and environment.

adjustment  : how well he adjusts with different circumstances.

extraversion  : who have more interest in other peoples struggles than his struggles.

conscientiousness   :  Speaking about Injustice or Immortality.

openness to experience    : who have good exposure on what he is up to.

general self-efficacy :  ability to deal with infinite number of stressful things.

Kurt Lewin’s Leadership styles

  • Dictator
  • Autocratic
  • Participative
  • Laissez Faire

Dictator Leaders

A leader who uses fear and threats to get the jobs done. As similar with a leader who uses an autocratic style of leadership, this style of leader also makes all the decisions.

Autocratic or Authoritarian Leaders

Under the autocratic leadership styles, all decision-making powers are centralized in the leader as shown such leaders are dictators.

They do not entertain any suggestions or initiative from subordinates. The autocratic management has been successful as it provides strong motivation to the manager. It permits quick decision-making as only one person decides for the whole group, and keeps it to themselves until they feel it is needed by the rest of the group. An autocratic leader does not trust anybody.

Democratic Leaders

The democratic leadership style favors decision-making by the group as shown, such as leader gives instruction after consulting the group.

He can win the cooperation of his group and can motivate them effectively and positively. The decisions of the democratic leader are not unilateral as with the autocrat because they arise from consultation with the group members and participation by them.

Free Rein Leaders

A free rein leader does not lead, but leaves the group entirely to itself as shown; such a leader allows maximum freedom to subordinates.

They are given a freehand in deciding their own policies and methods. Free rein leadership style is considered better than the authoritarian style. But it is not as effective as the democratic style.

So there are different types of leaders who lead this world or who changes the livelihood of crores of people around this world.

So what does India really in Leadership????????????????????????????????????????????Are we really ruled by people who are Dynamic and who are strong enough??????are we ruled by people who changes the life of many people???????????????or atleast are we ruled by the people who are mentioned above???????????????????

Because the leadership had been involved with money,crime and influence in India.Yes many people who are intrested to change peoples life and change peoples fate are not willing to come into this leadership position.

But one have to change this one have to be witty one have to be intelligent…….we can remove a thorn by thorn……we have to be mentally tough to be the best and gain the Country the best leader…!!!!!