Are Rural Reforms Needed for India?????

Democracy is the best Given to the People of nation for Electing Leaders of this nation. But democracy does not begin or end with  elections. It will be real for people only when they change the fate of this nation by their outburst Ideas and Great Enthusiasm to move this nation.Freshness of Youth and Ideas are needed to move this nation.

   We have to  work towards making our villages dynamic centres of growth . It improves standard of living and the eco-factor of  cities as well. We need vision based that does have saperate Theories for villages,towns and country.Those who need government support in rural areas have received only second-rate treatment.There should be reforms to Improve the standards in Rural India.The more public sector work have to be transferred to rural India.Government should encourage people .We expect many things from our grampanchayat’s to do and to deliver..But there should be an ideal or there should be a path for these gram panchayts to deliver.The whole things should be reformed and should be made such that the investments and different cultures indulge into rural india.

Many have to get attention in rural india education,helath,child protection…these are minimal things that a government should follow to have very good structured rural india.If the base is good the whole structure would be good.I strongly believe India to be superpower rural India should be made strong.


Are we lacking back in Technology To Save Our Nation from Terrorists??

There are many attacks that India Had faced with in.Recent Mumbai attacks shows the lack of Security Measures that were followed in the World’s Biggest Democratic Country. Mumbai terror attack and similar attacks elsewhere in the country in the past, the security infrastructure is being reorganised, expanded and modernised to face challenges effectively. The benefits of improving,the security andeducating many people regarding Incidents, helps the criminal justice administration, reduces the risk of wrongful conviction.

    However, in many of the States until today, all the process lies in the hands of Police and Local Authorities. Merely by separating administrative control we may not achieve anything if the basic policies remain the same.  As the world’s largest Democracy and worlds highest population we   have to be extra careful regarding the security measures.Many Innocent People had died for no reason.As we do have very good engineers very good Infrastructure to make the nation highly secured.

 Sophisticated scientific methods involving frontier areas of science and technology, manned by highly qualified scientists are needed to solve high tech crimes.Technology should be used to the core level to make people life happier.

India is resourceful nation of technically sound people and smart working people.Government should Introduce new level of Graduations Which can go core into the National Security.Only Army,Navy and Airforce are not responsible for the Internal security of a nation .Technically sound Infrastructure and Good Forensic Science should  be Introduced for People’s safe living.
                                                      “Safe nation can bring safeness to economy”