Should Indian Politicians Should have Institutes Like Engineers,Doctors,MBA’S,CA’S and Civil Services???????

I agree that many of India’s politicians are not realistic.However, just blaming them is not good and that is not the
only thing .In my opinion,this should not be an issue.It would be far more useful to figure out why India is saddled
with such terrible politicians?
After all, there’s no evidence that Indians are any more devastiating than any other nation .Then, how does one explain the terrible politicians? I would think rather than corruption being a problem, it is the type of corrutption that is a major problem. Politicians all over the world are corrupt. India is not a place in the world where you will be giving cash or bribe for something.where people in power accept bribes to do something that is not expected of them.
The more thing in India and Democracy is where people in power demand bribes to do things that they are expected
to do and perform their duties and fulfil their responsibilities.
                                                                              There can be and will be some solution that we can make the corruption stop.
The Other professions are much easier to get into politics for an average Indian.With an economics or political science major its more reasonable for them to become a software professional or go for civil services or go for CA which gives more returns and less risks. The amount of money and network required to become a politician is huge.So unless you are a from a family with political background or rich and famous its difficult, For a normal educated person it takes years. And when they get there they are in such minority that they cannot influence or change the rules of poilitical game.

                                                I strongly believe there are many institutes that coach engineers,doctors,CA’S,Proffesors,HR’S and Great marketing people…why wasnt there any institute which coaches an Politician???? I strongly believe that a Politician should be taught and coached before he leads something. we should make the elected politicians attend classes in Indian Political and International politics and law . so that they have less time to think about doing scams and gain some knowledge on how to better run the country.