Why should politicans be Inspiring??

There is a growing deficit between Politicians and Citizens of India . There are many reasons for this,
There has been no Opinion management between Public and Government.To get the Opinion between Public and Government centralized there should be Good Administration.To get good administration we have to have a very good administrator.The main thought among the people regarding politics is  they think that Politics is Not for Educated people and There is lot of scrap in Politics and Politics is Ruled by Some external forces of world and we are no where involved in that.Yes there had been many instances in our country that politics had been scrap and politics are Brutalised and our Democracy had been murdered.

Did we Ever Vacate our Sweet home of foul smell which come down through different part of the streets??

we try to clean it…isn’t that??

I am not saying Entering now can bring an Immediate change..but change is Possible and Impossible is nothing.To change the mindset of Individual an Inspirational Leader is needed.People should be motivated.Motivation can bring any thing to life.As Swami Vivekananda said Your aim should be such that u can drink the water in the Whole Ocean..It may not be possible but having aim such that can bring really some surprising changes to the Community.To do this People with Enthusiasm should enter Politics and Bring Inspiring change.


Why Educated People and Youth Should come to Politics??

 I  believe that politics is where the educated youth should be.  some things our politicians have always lacked is spiritedness and Enthusiasm ! Either our leaders have no understanding of present situation of our country or with no understanding of  What is happening around them.This may  lead to disaster. Symbolically, that has always been India’s problem – misallocation of resources and incapable leaders at the top,  I want to show my faith and passion in my belief in the role of youth in politics.

Well, having said how passionately I believe that the clean and educated youth in India should be a part of politics, I must also say that unfortunately, the government has created a system that is non-conducive for clean people to enter politics. It doesn’t allow the youth with the passion and education to just jump in and start making the change; because if they were to do so, they would only end up being disillusioned or worse, a part of the corrupt system itself.
Corruption is everywhere in this world and Atleast people who do have matured mind and matured way  only comes from education.It brings spark to the community .A sparked leader can make difference to every home and sparked youth can bring new enthusiasam to life of all the people in India.